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Social Media Fails as Platform For Pokemon Go

English_Pokémon_logo.svgAlmost all of Internet experiences — 95% — start with a search engine. And once a millennial finds something notable, they head straight to social media to share it with their friends.

That goes for the recent hype around the new mobile app, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an incredibly popular game in which the user has to catch Pokemon characters lurking in their own neighborhoods. This augmented reality game has gotten millennials out of their houses and into the streets, local restaurants, and even churches.

But not without problems. Players of the game, 83% of whom are between ages 18 and 34, are getting caught up doing unsafe things in attempts to master the game, then documenting them online.

Some moments have even gone viral and landed on the national news. Americans have seen teens crash their cars into trees and police cars, fall off of bikes and skateboards, trip over cinder blocks, and abandon their cars in the middle of the street in a quest to catch them all.

Millennials have even rushed the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C, and the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia to find as many as they can.

These encounters have even become dangerous, as Missouri police arrested a group of teenagers for armed robbery. The teens supposedly lured others to their location using the app and are suspects in eight different criminal cases.

The Missouri police warn that since the app does give away your location, it has the potential to be a safety threat. As reported on People, the force used their Facebook account to warn users, saying “If you use this app [or other similar type apps] or have children that do we ask you to please use caution when alerting strangers of your future location.”

Known as the cellphone generation, Millennials use social media as an essential part of their social lives. But at least Pokemon Go is getting them out of the house, as well as promoting many health benefits to its worldwide players.

But check a Millennial’s Facebook account and you will already have known that.

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