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Twitter Tips for Business

Like Facebook, Twitter has seen meteoric rise in the past five years and with more than 140 million active users, Twitter is considered one of the top social networks in the world.  While you may use Twitter for fun, using it for business can actually be a very strategic part of your online marketing efforts.

There are differences between a personal Twitter and a business Twitter account – but the basics still remain the same.  You can still share out compelling content in 140-character tweets.  But there are some differences too.  For instance, Twitter offers businesses with several tools to enhance a Twitter business profile page so it is branded with the ability to load in logos, unique background, images and videos.  In addition, Twitter provides some nifty services to get your business Twitter profile viewed by the right tweeters.  Hundreds of millions of users may sound impressive – but if you own a local business, you may just want to target tweeters in your area.

Here are some tips for leveraging your business Twitter account to gain more followers and enhance your business branding online: [Read more…]