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Yahoo and Bing Battle to Win Spot as Safari’s New Default Search Engine

Having already settled a deal with Mozilla to take over as its default search engine on the Firefox browser, Yahoo! has now set its sights on Apple.

Google’s deal with Apple is set to expire in the new year, giving Apple the opportunity to provide another default search engine. Both Yahoo! and Microsoft didn’t waste any time to jump on the opportunity.

Both companies have popular search engines (though not as popular as Google) that could create a strong partnership with Apple, and officials from both Yahoo! and Microsoft have had discussions with Internet Software and Services Senior Vice President of Apple, Eddy Cue, in hopes of taking over for Google.

After signing a deal with Mozilla to become Firefox’s new default search engine, Yahoo! has been hard at work to revamp its current search page, as well as its mobile search. The company is hoping that the updates appeal to Apple, as well.

Despite their best efforts, Yahoo! remains at a slight disadvantage. Microsoft’s Bing is currently the default search for Siri, and it is also well-integrated with Apple’s new Yosemite system upgrade. With a partnership already in place, Microsoft seems the natural choice.

With all the excitement over Yahoo!’s new deal with Firefox and the potential for a new deal with Apple, many are probably wondering, what’s the big deal, anyway? For search engine companies like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, earning a spot as a major Internet browser’s default search engine is a huge deal.

For starters, over 90% of Internet sessions begin with a search engine. All search engines are competing to be the number one pick of Internet users, and while Google has held onto first place for quite some time now (and likely will continue to do so), losing its default spot on both Firefox and Safari would be a big blow to business while giving either Yahoo! or Bing a leg up on the competition.

While many Internet users already have a favorite search engine site, a good number of people use whatever default search engine shows up on their browser, which is good news for whichever company is able to earn a deal with Apple.

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